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took a year out in the middle of degree, now i'm worried to go back watch

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    ok as the title says, i took a year out after completing my first year of university (i had personal problems that forced me to leave)

    now i'm going back to start my second year in september, and i have a few worries

    Firstly, I am worried that I will have forgotten the background knowledge that would have been gained in the first year, despite trying to keep up with the reading over the past year

    I am also worried i will have lost exam and paper writing technique, and my standard will be rubbish when i go back

    Anyone else been through a similar event in the past? can anyone put my mind at ease...

    Sorry to hear about your problems, I hope life is better for you at the moment. I've been through something similar: I had to leave university for a year because of health reasons. Like you, I thought my standard would have dropped, but this wasn't the case. It will take a couple of weeks for you to get back into studying, but if you managed in the first year, you will probably cope with second year study. I know it's all too easy to say "It'll be ok," from a 'been there, done that' perspective, but it sounds like you want to succeed, despite the difficulties you've encountered.

    I'm in the same situation,well similar,maybe having to leave and start my 2nd year next year. I would just do as much background reading as you can,which it sounds like you have been and even although any exams etc that you will be taking are a while away ask tutors for mock questions,or do any you have and ask tutors for feedback. I've found my tutors really supportive,one even e-mailed me as they hadn't heard from me in a while and wanted to make sure I was ok bless them but anyway just take advantage of any support you can get.


    i did similar thing. im going back to 2nd year in Sept having taken a year out. planning to start reading up on some modules from 1st year notes as well as printing off and reading up on next years notes. should be fine fingers crossed.

    tbh im more concerned with seeing all the people i knew in first year again, the potential awkwardness etc. but tbh over this gap year i realized who my real friends were so tbh i dont really care. most of them can go to hell
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    I've had a couple of gaps in my course, but going back wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.
    Go over your old notes, contact your department for next year's reading lists so you can get a head start, and see if the uni does workshops in things like essay writing, most do.

    I am in a simular situation. I have been intercalating from my university since February on the grounds of exceptional personal circumstances and will be reconvening my studies in September. I would advise you to try to obtain reading lists for the modules that you will be taking next year - this will allow you to use any spare time that you have in the intercening weeks to the best possible effect. Try not to be too concerned about the response of other students - many of the first year modules are core. This means that they consist of a large number of students so they will just think you are abother second year. I am sure it will be easier once you have been at the university a few weeks. I was told that study is rather like riding a bike - you never forget how to do it; the technique may just require honing slightly.

    Good luck
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