Personal statement review
Personal statement reviews on The Student Room is a free service that aims to give advice and tips for improving applicants' personal statements for university applications. The PS reviewers are all current university students, graduates and professionals who donate their time to help others.

Who runs the service?

The service is completely volunteer-led with the support of The Student Room's community team.

What does the personal statement review service offer to students?

  • This is a peer-run service managed by volunteers and community team who have both considerable experiencing of reviewing personal statements and have been through the university application process themselves.
  • Previously the volunteers ran The Student Room's PS Help service between 2005 and 2012 completing over 10,000 personal statement reviews.
  • TSR members submit their final UCAS personal statement draft confidentially into a private forum where only PS reviewers can view the content.
  • Members are provided with advice and feedback on the content and structure of their personal statement, this may include recommendations for improvements to spelling, grammar and wording.
  • Your personal statement will not be rewritten for you and you are expected to have checked the spelling and grammar before submitting.
  • Where possible a reviewer with expert knowledge on the subject will provide a review.

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Who is eligible for a review?

Our reviewers are volunteers and prioritise reviews to established members of TSR (who have made 100 posts or more). Personal statements submitted by members with fewer posts might be reviewed after a longer wait or if there are no outstanding reviews for established members. If you would like to minimise your waiting time for a review then we recommend that you take some time to contribute to the site engaging in discussions and answering study help questions to increase your post count before submitting.

Is there anything I need to do before submitted my personal statement

Yes, to ensure the draft you submit is to a good standard please format it using our Personal Statement Builder. Once you have added all of your content you'll be able to work through a checklist as well as being provided with feedback on your character and line count usage and a review of any clichéd words or phrases. It's worth changing these at this stage as the PS reviewer will tell you to the same.

Make sure that the final draft of your personal statement is between 3,000 and 4,500 characters. Statements that are much too long or short will not be reviewed.

Where do I submit my review?

In our private and confidential Submitted PS reviews forum here.

How long will the review take?

We aim to complete reviews within 5 working days. Please don't submit your personal statement for review if you have a deadline within two weeks as you are unlikely to have time for a review and a redraft before your deadline.

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