Media Terminology

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A Sign/Code
Something which communicates meaning
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Active Audience
People getting involved and making stuff there own - Schedule Building
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Action Code
Something that happens in the narrative that tells the audience that some action will follow
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Advertising Agency
A company that researches, designs and produces advertisements for a range of media platforms
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Advertising Campaign
A co-ordinated series of linked advertisements with a clear recognisable theme
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The words that accompany an image - give the meaning assosiated with the image
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The character whose function in a plot is to oppose the protagonist.
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Viewers, listeners and readers of a media text
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Back Story
A characters background
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Binary Opposites
Where texts incorporate examples of opposite values; good VS evil
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Brand Identity
The association the audience make with the brand
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Channel Identity
That which makes the channel recognisable to an audience and different from any other channel
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The meaning attached to that description
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Characteristics of a media text
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The coming together of previously separate media industires
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Computer Generated Imagery. Refers to the (usually) 3-D effects that enhance all kinds of still and moving images, from text effects, to digital snow or fire, to the generation of entire landscapes
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Stops the media text at a climatic point
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Closed Narrative
When a narrative has an ending that the audince feel comfortable with - doesn't leave them hanging on wanted more
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Factual characteristics of a population sample, e.g. age, gender, race, nationality, income, disability, education
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The everyday or common sense meaning of a sign
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Diegetic Sound
Sound whose source is visible on the screen
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This includes the organisation of the stages of the film's release, production of DVDs and Internet strategies
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Enigma Code
A narrative device which increases tension and audience interest by releasing information
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What the channel believes in and what it sees as its role
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Event Televison
Used to describe high profile programmes
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A question in a text that is not immediately answered and creates interest for the audience – a puzzle that the audience has to solve.
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Fly on the Wall
The technique of filming aims to be as unobtrusive as possible so seemingly producing a 'true' representation of reality
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Way in which a media text is presented to an audience
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Formulaic Narrative
This measn that the story conforms to a claer, recognisable and expected structure that often refers to the genre of the text
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Four C's
Cross, Cultural, Consumer and Characteristics
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The struggle by women to obtain equal rights in society
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Media texts can be grouped into genres that all share similar characteristics
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Global Implications
The importance of the film in a worldwide context
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ocess by which different cultures worldwide have come to share the same media texts
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Hegemonic Represenation
Stereotypical view of a place, person and age
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Hybrid Genre
A mixture of 2 or more genres mixed together
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The props, costume, objects and backgrounds associated with a particular genre
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The channels identity. The ident is a short visual image that works as a logo for the channel
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Independent Film
A film made outside the financial and artistic control of a large film company - usually a few company's
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When one media texts references another
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A set of ideas or beliefs which are held to be acceptable by the creators of the media text, maybe in line with those of the dominant ruling social groups in society, or alternative ideologies such as feminist ideology.
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Choosing two shots that fit well together
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Key creatives
Are people / roles involved in the creative process of a media product, who have significant influence on the final product.
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Choice of words used
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Linear Narrative
Where the narrative unfolds in chronological order from beginning to end
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manipulation of Time and Space
Where the narrative shapes the text through space and time
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Media Platfrom
The range of different ways communicating with an audience
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Media Text
A product of a media industry
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The way in which a media text is constructed in order to represent the producer of the text's version of reality
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What is put into a scene; Props, Costume, Make-up, Background, ect
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Mode of Address
The way in which a media text speaks to its target audience: Indirect/direct
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a complex idea by Roland Barthes that myth is a second order signifying system ie when a sign becomes the signifier of a new sign
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The story that is told by the text
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Non-digetic sound
Sound that is out of the shot
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Non-Linear narrative
Here the narrative manipulates time and space. It may begin in the middle and then include flashbacks and other narrative devices
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Opinion Leaders
People in society who may affect the way in which others interpret a particular media text
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Who produces and distributes the media texts – and whose interest it is
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Print Based
Advert, magazine, newspaper
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Pluralistic Representation
doesn't conform to the stereotype
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7 Personalities: Mainstreamer, Aspire, Reformer, Succeder, Struggler, Explorer & Resigned
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Propps Character Roles
Hero, Villain, Princess, Dispacter, Helper, Donor, False Hero,
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Passive Audience
Just takes in straight from the media texts
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Media texts have two meanings
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Main character
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Post Modernism
Postmodernism is a late 20th-century style and concept in the arts, architecture, and criticism, which represents a departure from modernism and is characterised by the self-conscious use of earlier styles and conventions. A mixing of different artis
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Public Service Broadcaster
BBC, Channel 4, S4C
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A person or body that supervises a particular industry
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Repertoire of Elements
Key features that distinguish one genre from another
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The way in which key sections of society are represented
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The techniques by which a media text represents ideas and images that are held to have a true relationship with the actual world around us.
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Pleasure from watching misfortune in others
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An exaggerated representation of someone or something
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When a large 'umbrella' genre is split into smaller genres
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Special effects or devices to create visual illusions.
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A symbol which is understood to refer to something other than itself.
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The process of reading signs
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A person who has become so famous, both for doing their job (actor, sport player) and appearing in many sorts of media, that their image is instantly recognisable as a sign, with a whole range of meanings or significations
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Target Audience
The people who the media text is aimed at
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Technical Codes
Camrea: Angle&Shots; Editing; Audio
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Time-shift Viewing
When a programme is recorded and watched later
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User Generated Content
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Unique Selling Point or Proposition. The attribute of a text or product that is highlighted as being new or unique in the marketing process, something that sets it apart from its competitors
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Viral Marketing
Where the awareness of the product or the advertising campaign is spread through less conventional ways including social networks and the internet
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Visual Codes
Clothes, Expression, Gesture, Technique
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Word of Mouth
When someone recommends or promotes a product or service they have used
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People getting involved and making stuff there own - Schedule Building


Active Audience

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Something that happens in the narrative that tells the audience that some action will follow


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A company that researches, designs and produces advertisements for a range of media platforms


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A co-ordinated series of linked advertisements with a clear recognisable theme


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