Recipe - easy peasy japaneasy noodles


1 packet of Amoy Straight to Wok Udon Noodles (as in both of the little packets that come within a pack) 8 teaspoons of Creme Fraiche 9 teaspoons of Soya Sauce 1 teaspoon of Mirin (optional) Soya Beans (doesn't matter how many)


1. Boil Soya beans according to instructions on packet 2. Drain 3. Add all the other ingredients to same saucepan 4. Stir (keep stirring, constantly!) 5. Reduce (as in, let some of the liquid boil off) 6. Serve



This was created by being lazy at home during the holidays and going round chucking anything vaguely Japanese into a saucepan, plus some creme fraiche. To be honest, the actual amounts of Creme Fraice and Soya Sauce don't really matter, you can just do it to taste. You can also add in anything else you like, I have also tried bits of torn up Nori (sushi seaweed)

The amounts above serve one as a main course. Halve it if you want enough for one person as a side dish.