Stressed about GCSE results day?

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Students share advice for staying calm before results day

It feels like there's an endless wait between finishing your exams and getting your results. Unfortunately, this gives you a lot of time to worry about your potential grades.

So how can you ease your mind in the meantime? Here are some top tips from students have been in the same situation before.

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It's completely normal to be stressed

If you're anxious about results day, you definitely won't be the only one feeling this way.

It's human nature to think the worst, the best you can do is enjoy your summer and hope for the best - what's done is done, and there are always other options! Best of luck 


You've never done as badly as you think you have

Try not to worry over any small mistakes you made, examiners usually won't punish you for them.

Our brains tend to panic about the worst possible outcome and all the things we got wrong that we’ll be marked down for, but exams are marked positively so you don’t lose marks for small errors.


Try and forget about exams altogether

Finishing your GCSEs is a great achievement! You've definitely earned a few months of freedom. 

After your last exam just forget about it entirely and focus on enjoying your summer. The more you think about something the harder it is to forget, so try and keep yourself busy.

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Make the most of your summer

Summer is your time to shine! You've got a few months to focus on the things you enjoy doing.

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You could get a job and earn some money, but also spend time doing things you love - like video game marathons, eating tons of food or doing plenty of exercise.


It's not the end of the world if there's a hiccup

Your results won't define your future, so don't worry if you fall short of the grades you wanted.

You can learn from your results and use them to push harder in whatever you want to do next. So don't get too hung up on your grades. Enjoy your summer!

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