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    Hi I have posted in the Durham section so would like a 'Bristol perspective' on which I am more suited to- Durham or Bristol.

    Firstly I like human geography especially geo-politics, I prefer the department at Bristol especially the pre term field trip to get to know everyone on your course. But I love the collegiate system at Durham and the closeness between accommodation and facilities.
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    It was really difficult for me to choose between them. From the moment i sent off my app i was like i'm 100% wanting to going to durham but after visiting both I decided on Bristol eventually though i've got durham as insurance if i change my mind but i doubt it i will, i'm all set on bristol right now.

    I was in love with the college i'd chosen at Durham too (Trevs), especially after the OD and I loved the city - I was dead set on going there...

    ...But then I researched a bit more and did some emailing about course specifics and Bristol's actually much better for me (this is for Economics and Politics BA at Durham and Economics with SCE at Bristrol... bit of a long explanation but, anyway!...) so I'm going with Bristol...

    And now i'm sooo glad that it's worked out this way! I'm really just basing this on what people I know at Bristol have told me but... Fresher's halls at Bristol look fantastic! If you liked the traditions and formals at Durham you can still get that at Bristol (take a look at the accommodation threads) and if the distance of SB from your department's worrying you just go for Clifton (like me :p: )...

    I reckon the wow factor of being in a college wears off after about the first year anyway to be honest, and I think you might still be able to get some of the closeness of being in a college in some of the Bristol accommodation too.

    There's a hell of a lot more I could go on about here but none of it would probably be relevant to your course/ how far you live from Bristol/Durham/ what you're looking to get out of uni etcetcetc...

    But one other thing which is definitely worth considering imho...
    Bristol has AIESEC... that 100% swayed it for me. :p:

    Oh and just another thought ...
    I don't know if you went to the Durham OD - I did and that was when I 100% fell for Durham...

    But I reckon if every uni did an overnight experience, you'd get pretty much exactly the same feeling about a whole load of other unis and then Durham might not stand out so much!

    By the time I got to the Economics lecture on the 2nd day I was completely sold and wanted to love the course so badly.... it made it really hard to choose... But i'm just glad i've now been able to step back from that and give Bristol a fair chance!!

    i have never been to durham but i can't imagine there is half as much to do as there is in bristol.

    I live 5 miles away from Durham and trust me, there really isn't. I went to a Philosophy conference there last week, skived the conference to go and walk around durham with my friends and we go bored after about 2 hours, like reaaaaallly bored. The nightlife there also isn't fantastic, it's quite quiet and there are only like 2 nightclubs; for me it's just not big enough although for others this may suit them. It's a beautiful place with fantastic architecture and I guess going on the boats on the river in the summer is nice, but if you're a real city person and like to keep yourself busy with new things, Durham may not be the place for you. When I visited Bristol there was so much there I got lost about 4 times and felt like I was part of a massive but friendly city filled with culture and buzzing with things to do....where Durham just doesn't have the same feeling.

    Anyway, Like I say, it depends on what kind of person you are and what you're looking for.....but for me, there's just not enough in Durham to make me want to spend 3 years of my life there.

    Hope that helps a little.
    Laura xx
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