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Durham BA Accounting and Finance Vs Bristol BSc Finance

Hi there, I need help choosing Universities. Here are my options:

BSc Finance Bristol
BA Accounting and Finance Durham
BSc Accounting and Finance Bath (Haven't heard back yet, just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts about this)

Not really worried about environment whether that be that Durham is elitist or Bristol is nightlife friendly, just which would be best for a career in finance. I'm leaning towards Durham more as it appears to be more respected. However my main reservations are that:

I know that subjects doesn't matter in the UK but I still feel Accounting and Finance looked down upon compared to Finance as it isn't seen as mathematical. E.g. Some MSc Courses have Finance as a preferred subject but not Accounting.

The entry requirements for each course differ. For instance, Durham requires AAB, while Bristol asks for AAA. Additionally, there's a distinction in the degree titles: Durham offers a BA, whereas Bristol offers a BSc. Does the lower grade requirement and the BA designation of the Durham course make the course not feel as academically challenging as the one from Bristol thus making it less appealing to recruiters.

I appreciate any and all advice if you are knowledgeable in this matter.
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The grade requirements are a non issue. The big think here is that the Finance course in Bristol requires A level maths whereas the Durham course doesn't. Bristols course will be way more mathematical.

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