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    Hey I have 8 GCSE exams this summer, which isn't as much as most on TSR but it still worries me.

    When are you planning to begin revision? I'm going to start preparing notes and resources next week and begin revision in the easter half term.

    Also I don't think my school are getting study leave because the last year didn't revise - although we are a much smarter year than them.

    I've tried making a revision timetable on that 'get revising' site but it's too time consuming and I don't think I'll follow it Does anyone have any useful tips that will help me revise better? Thanks

    I have 9 But 2 of those are critical thinking, which I think I'm just going to turn up for and not revise. And 2 of those are resits ughh. How many of yours are resits? I've already started revising, but my main problem is that because there are so many exams to revise for, I feel the way I'm revising is pretty messy as I just keep switching between subjects and I'm not really sure how to approach it. I looked online and found all the dates of my exams though:

    C1-13th May, 1h30, pm.
    s1-17th May, 1h30m, am.
    PSY A1-22nd May, 1h30m, am.
    Chem A F321 Atoms, bonds and groups-23rd May, 1h, am.
    C2-24th May, 1h 30m, am.
    BIOL2-3rd June, 1h 45m, am.
    Chem A F322 chains energy and resources- 4th June, 1h 45m, pm.

    And one thing that is like the only consistent organised thing I'm doing is looking at the specification for psychology, and writing up notes using one bullet point each day from the specification to write the notes up.

    I tried that get revising timetable before but it's so confusing! I prefer just to write a check note/specification thing which I'll do with the rest of my subjects soon and see how many topics I have an how much time I have left to revise for each. Also, just before I used this website: http://www.timeanddate.com/
    Where you can find out how many days until your exam. ...I have only 60 days till my first exam which feels so soon D;

    I'd recommend making a revision timetable with lots of rewards so you stick to it But make it simple- no point spending ages on it if you're not going to follow it! If you don't want to do that, try writing a list of all the revision you want to do, and aim to do at least one a day, taking two or so days off a week? As you get closer to exams, step it up to 2 a day etc

    Try a variety of revision methods, such as flashcards, writing out long summaries of things, postitnotes around the house with keywords, glossaries, and do as many questions from textbooks and past papers as you find possible. Try and use the past papers last so that you can really focus on your weaker areas once you've done them.

    Spend more time on the subjects you struggle with, and start revising for early exams earlier than those that come later. Don't revise for hours on end- take regular breaks so your mind has time to process it, and switch subjects if you can.

    Make sure you focus on getting tasks done, rather than spending x hours revising- otherwise you'll just waste your time looking at the clock and working out how long you've got left!

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine

    I don't need to revise, I've given up on school

    I find that looking at the specification for the course really helps.. it got me through my January exams! I also find it hard to get all subjects started at the same time if that makes sense.. I've started nearly all of my subjects apart from my sciences as were still learning them.. I have 57 days until my first exams...it sounds like a lot but i worry about running out of time and making stupid decisions now that will affect what i can do with the rest of my life.. I'm the only one out of my friendship group that is revising for the summer exams.. i want to be a vet and also have a lot of pressure put on me by my parents .. i also want to do well as i would be annoyed if i didn't get what i need....

    First things first don't panic, I am like you and I have started revising for my GCSEs.Start to write out notes, (bullet points I find work best) and read over a different subject for about half an hour every night! Information will begin to filter into your head and as it gets closer to the exams keep on using notes you have written out. Also try different techniques such as flash cards, to emphasise key points, do all this with reading over notes and past paper questions, remember, don't work too hard you may burn yourself out before you take the exam, so take breaks, go for a walk or listen to music etc. Just don't stress and you will be fine if you keep up regular study. Good Luck

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    Start revision early, and make sure it's effective, that's the best advice available! I started my revision for gcse in the Easter holidays last year, but needed atleast a week more, put the effort in now and results day will be amazing!

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