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firstly, in general i do not know what i want to be in the future/ do in the future. I originally thought engineering could be a possibility but i realised this was not entirely how i felt and was rather an idea than a ambition.

I am retaking my a levels due to not doing well last year.

last year I originally chose to as level maths (edexcel), physics (aqa a), geography, and pe

I didn't like geography or p.e so I changed them to history (as I got a b in gcse) and btec level 3 IT.

i was completely lost in physics at the start but got the hang of it as the year went but i wasn't thoruough in all parts of it, (unit 1- electricity and unti 2 )- i got a U

i loved maths but i didn't revise statistics at all- over all i understood c1 and c2 pretty well though- i got a U

i point blank hated history, nothing like gcse- i got a U

btec level 3 IT was so straight forward, that i managed to cram in all the work last minute before the due in date, and got a D*.

Overall i did a lot of thinking and realised that gcse was nothing like A levels, and realised for the most part i was being lazy and that i couldnt leave everything to last minute.

this year i wanted to change it up and was wondering if i made a good choice of choosing the right a levels- AS level maths, AS level physics, AS level business (never did it at gcse but i was always interested in it), and the same btec course as last year due to it being easy and gives me time to focus on my other subjects.

overall i feel like ive lost a bit of motivation and feel kind of down about everything, eventhough ive always loved maths and feel i have a natural flare for it, science- particularly physics was always my strong point at gcse, as well as bio, but due to the jump from gcse to a level wasn't read, however i feel since i understand what i need to do now with physics, i could pull it off.

the thing is have no idea if this is a good choice and could use some real good advice right now.

what should i do??

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