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Huddersfield Uni?

Is anyone here going to Huddersfield Uni in September or already there. I am starting in Sept and don't know anyone who is going there....

So, is anybody going or am I going to be all alone!? :frown:

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Hey! Huddersfield is my insurance, but am probably going there because Leeds want an A in music, which gets lessoned every day!lol!
What do u think of it? Storthes hall looks top class- wish it was closer though! What are you studying? I am doing music, and Hudds has the niggest music department in the UK and lots excellent!
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Reply 2
I'm gonna be studying Computer Games Programming. Don't worry I'm not a geek! :wink:

Storhtes Hall seemed ace and they are building a load more stufff there that'll be ready for September. They also have the bar place and loads of other stuff up there. I'm not too bothered by the distance as the buses are free and only takes 15 mins.

Just waiting for the accomadation forms to come through and then I will be ready to go! Hope to see ya there! :biggrin:
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:smile: I started Huddersfield last September and didnt know a soul. By the end of induction week I knew everyone so dont think for a second that your all alone.
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Well I need three C's to get on the course, and I found out the other day that I only 7 out of 90 in my Computing exam to get a C, and 31 out of 100 in Pure Maths 3 to get a C in Maths. Even if I fail my other 2 maths exams, in Phyics I am currently averaging a B and just need 102 out of a possible 160 from 2 physics exams to get a B in that. I also have an E in AS Level Further Maths even if I fail both my exams for that.

Basically, what I am saying is that I will see you in September! :smile: :cool: :biggrin:
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i should be there this September too. Hopefully studying health and sports studies. Hoping to get to know someone in the halls so i can crash there when i cant be arsed travelling!
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You can stay at mine. The accomadation forms should be here some time this week. I take it you live nearby-ish and are coming from home?
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dont worry, according to the latest government statistics, 64% of housholds in huddersfield had access to hot water, 44% to electricity and 12% to natural gas. So you should be able to actually have a warm bath in huddersfield, contary to popular belief.
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Anyone else coming to Huddersfield?

Oh, on a side note, whilst queuingup to get on the Nemesis at Alton Towers yesterday, I noticed that people had signed ther names on the tops of the fence posts, and one of them said "Huddz Uni Boys".

Anyone got an accomadation thing yet? They said that they would arrive by the end of May....
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You can stay at mine. The accomadation forms should be here some time this week. I take it you live nearby-ish and are coming from home?

Yeah im coming from Barnsley, its about 25 minutes away.
Reply 10
Got my accomodation sorted now. I'll be at Storhes Hall. I can't wait!

Anyone else coming to Hudds?
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just read your post. i thought i was on the only person in the world that whats going to hudds. I have got my place in halls sorted to now. It seems a really nice to study and have a good time not long to go now though!!
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I came too Huddersfield last year. It's a good place. I love live bands and there is a bit of a scene here

loads of night life stuff on there
Reply 14
Ryan, do you know you room and flat numbers and everything, or just that you have a place?

I sent off the form ages ago now, but still haven't got anything confirming which room I'll be in or anything...
Reply 15
same here i sent the deposit but but had no confromation of which room number or even flat i was starting to worry a bit. (maybe ill be camping out side in a tent)
Reply 16
I'll let you know when I hear anything about mine.
Reply 17
I haven't sent my final form off yet. The final date it has to be in is 27 August 2004, so I am going to wait for my results and send it off then. That means you probably won't hear anything til after then.

What day does term start too? Is it 20th September?
Reply 18
Mine tv production course does. we can move into halls on the 18 th. I do not know if all course start on same day. should think they would be around that date though.
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just posted this on another guys thread but have added extra, may be of use..

induction week is best i been to and have been to five diff induction weeks posing as fresher student at friends uni's. anyway sorry. ur probs make friends within a day, and altho it seems daunting it can also be exciting, so just relax and enjoy it, remember theres no work to be done for a month so just enjoy it as much as you can! the most fun starts when u get to share a house with a donkey breeder, a metal guitaist, and three french speaking bohemian the halls are good but its not all over after the first year.

huddersfields uni is unselfishly cool without admitting it although student union small, town can either be a topman or topshop paradise with house clubs and trendy bars or a secret gonzo blues filled adventure with porn cinemas above carpet warehouses (on the way to birkby).
depending upon your taste uni offers good nights out, but for me its better to explore town and surrounding areas, great views (castle hill), great people (local bar owners-mad 5ft"er-the Swan); just up to you to explore,
music wise camel club has good northern soul nites to funky house to hiphop.
but with leeds nearby (cockpit) dont even worry about music venue.
check out everylittle nook and cranny for some excellent stuff, in the imperial arcade is an excellent vinyl shop, us hiphop clothing shop, and of course bong shop.

university has great resources, libarys extensive, and with leeds nearby, nothing to worry about, 24hr pc rooms saved my life.

just dont eat at caspian takeaway across from uni, unless you enjoy pooburgers.sorry.

just enjoy, dont judge anyone, 'work when you have to', and i bet you the huddersfield changes your life!!!

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