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Has anyone ever done ancestry autosomal DNA testing? watch


    (Original post by Melancholic Mill)
    It's funny you mentioned him because testing his living relatives they found that his Y-DNA haplogroup was E1B1B. E1B1B is associated with Balkans, Italy and the Eastern Horn of Africa. Interestingly, Napoleon had the same paternal haplogroup.
    And what's more interesting is that this same haplogroup is the most common haplogroup between the Zulu!

    (Original post by William Pitt)
    Not really; the most expensive I've seen was 500GBP here at Oxford University by prof. Bryan Sykes (but then again, he's great)

    I don't want to make an advertisement for any particular company but you can do it for 125USD (plus some GBP charge for UPS delivery to the US etc) at 23andMe (they have biggest number of samples collected worldwide)

    Best comment ever. Well I may be moderately attractive because I'm very homogeneous (as you can see from the data) but I'm sure the girls are much more attractive as their autosomes are so mixed. The more mixed you are > the greater variety of DNA > the better selection of the genes
    (Original post by Powpowpowpowpow)
    That's not too bad. Still a bit unaffordable though, but I was expecting it to be in the thousands.
    What you really want to do is order at least three full tests from 3 different companies and send your sample at the same time to make sure everything's accurate and correct. Most of them run 2-3 testings etc to falsify and eliminate incorrect information anyway, but you still want a confirmation. For example I found out I had like 12-18% Italian ancestry (4 generations ago on my mother's side) and I couldn't believe it but all tests would show it. I had a search through birth certificates etc and it turned out that in fact they were Italian refugees.

    (Original post by OrcFromOrgrimmar)
    And what's more interesting is that this same haplogroup is the most common haplogroup between the Zulu!
    I would post my results but I'm embarrassed.
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