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The Arsenal Thread XXV

The Arsenal Thread XXV

In honour of Petr Cech

He wears a magic hat..

Still the only team ever to have achieved this in the PL..

Also - welcome to our newest signings

Granit Xhaka

Shkodran Mustafi

Lucas Pérez

Rob Holding

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& again..
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@swirly thoughts
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Best in the league
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Best RB in the league

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Ohh Santi Cazorla
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Lads, Jack Wilshere went to ****ing Bournemouth :rofl:
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Original post by swirly
Lads, Jack Wilshere went to ****ing Bournemouth

He's made for Arsenal, lad will return and will lead us

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May as well reserve for anyone that wants some RVP and Fabregas pics in here
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Wilshere is a future England captain - Capello (2011)

just ****ing lol
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Arsene Wenger compares Wilshere to Zinedine Zidane (2013)

‘National teams need a guy who absorbs this type of pressure and takes it. We [France] had Zinedine Zidane. When the France team played well it was all Zidane, but the others could play. Before we had Michel Platini. In the history of the French team, it stops when Platini stops, the results. They stopped when Zidane stopped. You need a good generation but you also need one player. Jack can take that, he is young, only 22. He has the characteristics to do that.’
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I wonder if Wilshere will benefit from being away from a club and manager with a weak mentality? He might benefit from being looked after by a semi-competent medical team as well.*
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Original post by swirly
Wilshere is a future England captain - Capello (2011)

just ****ing lol

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