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Hello, and welcome to:
Jake's Average -> Awesome Blog
This blog was mainly created with the intention of motivating me and getting the input from others on how I can help study and get better!

I've always been into Computing/CompSci since a young age, I practiced Python at age 10 and was pretty average at age 12-13. I've mainly started finding my true passion at High School, Cyber Security.

tl;dr big nerd, likes computers

At GCSE I achieved majority B's and a couple A's. Nothing amazing, but certainly 'okay'.
I realised quite late that in order to do well in life, GCSE's certainly do matter, but despite that, I feel mine weren't good enough - for me.
I'm interested in the MSci CompSci at Birmingham University and also a couple of other courses. To be safe, I'm going for A*, A*, A to ensure I am a good candidate for the position.

I'm also interested in Pharmacology potentially, a little bit of a switch - but I'm currently working in a Pharmacy and gaining experience and qualifications and finding out how much of an interesting environment it is. We'll see how AS year goes before I decide.

Sixth Form/Courses:
I'm studying:
Computer Science - OCR
Chemistry - (Need to find out board)
Biology - (Need to find out board)
Physics - (Need to find out board)

Aiming for A* in CompSci and an A* in Chemistry, ideally it would be in Physics but we'll see, obviously dependent on what I drop at A2


Yr1 Chemistry
Yr1 Physics
Yr1 Biology (ordered)
Computing - need to get

Any advice on what books/resources to look at would be awesome!

I'm going to try and post as much as I can, because I feel the more I share, the more responses I can potentially get and advice I can recieve, because - I know this will be hard.

I'm aiming to put the posts in sections about the various subjects and things I've done/found hard etc.

Gonna get this moved to Grow your grades when it starts, even more motivation

Let's hope this is the start of something!

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Good luck with this and work hard! You can do it!!!
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Jake's Average -> Awesome Blog
Week: 12/09/16
First official post! Woo!


Starting this course off, it seems pretty fun, going into the basics of BioChem and Microscopy - I can tell already that it's going to require a lot of hard work and effort, but I'm really liking it so far.

I've already gone over and put some of my notes into neat on Bio Chemistry basics (biological molecules) and have started to write up Microscopy revision tips, such as the rules required for a biological drawing etc.

Initial Impressions:
I like it, small class size, so hopefully the work will be done better and in more detail!
Still haven't had enough lessons to gauge how hard I really will have to work for this A

Interesting one though, I got set some pre lesson stuff to do a biological drawing of anything you liked, the majority of my class chose bugs, nuts, fruits etc. whilst I chose a cross section of the spinal cord.. I've been re-watching House lately!

Loving the content initially, going over some of the GCSE topics such as Molar Mass and simple translation of chemical equations. Looking through the revision guide, it all seems pretty familiar until the Organic Chemistry section - to which I'm told will be hard.. hurray!

I've put all of my notes into neat work ready for revision later in the year, and it's allowed me to understand all of the topics a little more.
I think I've put more effort into this simply because I'm liking it

Initial Impressions:
Should be all good until Organic Chemistry, just keeping on top of the work load and homework!
Well.. Physics at GCSE was my best Science throughout, and I need an A* in it at A-Level. Although, straight away I was greeted with how Mathematically heavy this course was, of course I know maths is involved (it is Physics.. the king of equations) but even the first topics recalled on some basic trig functions and SOHCAHTOA knowledge. Took me a little bit to get into the swing of solving vectors, simply because I haven't done it before, but it seems like everything should be good now!

I know this is the one I'll have to work the hardest in 100% - The revision for it will have to start early! I'll be able to gauge how much work I'll have to put in probably by next week, depending on how hard it gets.
Initial Impressions:
Gonna be hard, but I'm gonna work for it. Hopefully should be good!]
Computer Science:
Haven't had many lessons really, gone over some basic things like some CPU functions and basics, but nothing challenging. This is hopefully my other A* subject.

Nothing more to say really.
Initial Sixth Form Impressions:
I like it, more work - of course, but more focused work on the subjects I enjoy, which is nice.
Free periods are like god send, was able to go home at 1pm today!

Going to hard to work hard and effectively to get my desired grades, but hopefully if I stay motivated, I'll be fine.

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