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What to expect with studying Marketing with Digital Communication at BCU

I'm starting in 2024 after doing a gap year, I have my place and honestly I am INCREDIBLY excited, so any further info about the course I'd love to know! I can barely find alot about this course or anyone who is studying it so please let me know anything you think is helpful!

Also, do you have to do maths in this course? I see one of the year 2 modules includes data/analytics and was wondering whether that included having to do maths or not.
Hey @ellebun

Congrats on your place!! That's so exciting. I don't study marketing so can't help you from that perspective but I can help with you what BCU is like :smile:

Firstly, I wouldn't worry about the data module. This is a core module on the course so it will be an introduction to data that everyone has to study, so not everyone will have a strong level of mathematical knowledge since it's a marketing course. The module will probably focus more on things like Google Analytics, which I've used before to get data for a website - I'm really bad at maths and I was fine using it haha.

You'll be studying in the Curzon building which is basically our student hub where our Students' Union is based, as well as our library and lots of social spaces - so that's really exciting.

We also have lots of great stories from students who have studied marketing like Charlotte:
and Bright:

I hope you find those interesting!

Abbie :smile:
North Campus, Birmingham City University
Birmingham City University

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