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Am jealous of Jake

One of my friends is Jake. Jake is 23 years old. He never went to high school from year 7 and just sat at home playing PlayStation from year 7. Jake has 2 parents which both have a 150k salary and have had kept so since Jake was born. Jake never did his GCSEs, A Levels, job and didn’t do any apprenticeship. Jake drives his parents 2023 Porsche and lives in his fancy apartment his parents pay for. Jake goes on expensive holidays whenever he wants which he doesn’t contribute to in any way or form, and does not plan on doing so any time in the future. I am jealous of Jake and want to report him, is the way he lives allowed? He doesn’t do anything and seems to have it all, this can’t be allowed?
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How can I report him and who to
someone help please
it isn’t fair I slave away 9-5 just to cover rent and bills and he has so much more than me and doesn’t do anything. Who can I send in a complaint to?
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You can’t report someone just for being happy?

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