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How To Get An A* In A Level Psychology

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    I've studied Psychology at both GCSE and AS Level and I got B's. The spec was AQA and I'm now studying the new spec, full A level. In order to get into the Uni's I want to go to, I need to get A's or above. Does anyone have any tips on how to get my B grade to A grades or above 🙌 Thanks x

    Start reading through mark schemes so you know what's expected of you in the exam.

    Most of your marks will come from evaluation, but different questions and command words will want different things. Familiarise yourself with these (on AQA specification).

    If you did AQA at GCSE, you'll find a lot of A-Level to be a repeat with a few extra details.

    Getting an A* in AQA A level psych is a 2 part process:

    1. Learn research studies that can be used for a range of topics- know the researchers name, the main method and the conclusions

    2. Learn your IDA evaluation points which can be applied to literally everything:
    Animals in research- ethics and generalisability
    Determinism vs free will
    Idiographic vs nomothetic
    Bio, cog, beh approaches

    If you stick these 2 things into an essay and really elaborate on part 2, you literally can't go wrong.

    From a gap year student with an A* in AQA A level psych x
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Updated: October 12, 2016
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