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How can I get paid experience in Psychology/Childcare without a University Degree?

I want to work in psychology / childcare but don't have a degree (although working for a BTEC Level 3 in Psychology with Forensic Investigation).

How can I get (preferred) paid experience in this sector?
I'm 18 so I can work a variety of roles.

List of what I've done:
-Working towards BTEC Level 3 in Psychology with Forensic Investigation
-Worked as an Activity Host (basically safeguarding and looking after children/adults at a leisure centre for around 6 months)
-Took part in a NeuroEthics competition
-Won an art competition which was Neuroscience themed
Hello Paige,

Unfortunately, without a bachelor's degree at least, it is difficult to get a paid experience in the sector. Maybe you can look into paid internship opportunities. That is how I made money while studying, though it was for 6 months. There are other jobs that merely require a high school diploma like a receptionist, administrator or secretary job. Maybe you can look at local hospitals with open vacancies in those positions. Other than that, you need at least a bachelor's degree to get an 'actual job' in the psychology field.

All the best,
Dana Kafoud
4th-year BSc (Hons) Criminal Psychology student at the University of Essex Online
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