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    Hi all,

    I graduated with a 2:1 LLB degree from the University of Manchester last year, and I have been accepted to the Legal Practice Course and Master of Laws - starting September this year in the Chester campus. I've recently downloaded my Academic Transcript because I understand that I need proof of my module results, and I understand that each core module must be passed to gain a qualifying law degree.

    BUT I noticed that a module that I initially failed in my first year (Contract Law) doesn't show the resit mark, but shows the mark that I first obtained with a C attached to it: '33C'. When I resat, I managed to get a mark of 60-something, and I understand that the C means compensated... but surely it's not compensated if I actually passed it albeit after a resit??

    I'm worried that my degree isn't qualifying because of this compensation, and that I won't be accepted on induction day - despite me passing in the 2:1 boundary once I resat. I also know that the SRA do not accept compensated marks, however I passed the exam when I resat, so I'm confused whether my place will be cancelled or not on the LPC. I have asked the university whether there is any way I can receive proof of the 60 something mark, but seeing as it's the weekend I know that I won't get a reply until Monday and I'm freaking out!!

    I would just like to make sure that my results are acceptable. I thought that universities normally cap your resit mark at 40 so I'm not sure why it shows 33C. Anyone have any ideas? Helpppp!

    Sorry if this is confusing, it's difficult to explain but I hope it's come across OK :|
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    TBF you are a lawyer so you shouldnt find it difficult to explain.

    Three places have the answer and its up to you to talk to them.

    First and foremost the SRA as they can give you clarification as to whether they accept it . They will.
    Second once the SRA have confirmed it the LPC provider wont care and will let you through.
    Third the uni may provide a letter confirming your successful resit and pass.

    Apparently you sat the SRA wont accept a compensated pass, so its up to you to get that confirmed, but id think they wil not argue with the uni in the circumstances plus you can prove the resit was passed.

    Go and look at the rules for degree classification they are on the website or available from the department. Interpreting rules is your stock in trade so it wont take you long. I expect they have got it correct, but always a chance they have not, it depends as usual on what the rules say. It may be in the circumstances you get your first mark and the resit merely allows you to proceed. As its a resit then it can be no more than 40 if its capped. Any marks above that are ignored.
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