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I’ve looked at the uni guide for the percentage of people who get a 2:1 or above and it says that for maths the university of Liverpool is 80% whilst Newcastle uni is 72% and queen mary is 82%? I’ve read a lot about the uni of Liverpool being terrible for maths and I wasn’t going to go based off this but seeing that 80% get a 2:1 is making me think I should reconsider. Anyone know if this is possible wrong info? As I can’t really imagine Liverpool and qm being higher than Newcastle for maths. Also anyone know if getting a 2:1 is easier in different unis? E.g. is it easier at Liverpool because they make it easier or something? Idrk? Basically will employers care if I get a 2:1 from Liverpool over a 2:1 from Manchester for example or is it all the same
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Those are pretty standard percentages and they don't vary that much uni to uni. Doesn't really imply anything unless it's unusually low (might suggest bad teaching) nor does it sound wrong.

If you look towards the top, Warwick has 82% of students getting a 2:1 or above, Oxford 75%, and so on, despite probably having harder courses.

The answer to your second bit - courses are not uniform in difficulty (think entry requirements) and some will be more demanding than others. (though if you look at those with similar entry requirements, they're generally not going to be that much different) There is external moderation of courses but there are no standard specifications like at A-level, it varies. This is hard to gauge just by looking at numbers, because a course's difficulty roughly speaking scales to the ability of its cohort, which will vary. So they shouldn't be wildly different.

This shouldn't be something you base your choice on, there wouldn't really be any difference between a 2:1 at any of these unis. Go with the course/uni that looks best and don't worry too much about it.
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