KCL Religion, Politics, Society VS SOAS Politics and International Relations

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Hi guys!
In desperate help of some advice on my current uni dilemma.
So I originally applied for politics at KCL but missed my offer and was transferred to their RPS degree. First year was fully online and miserable but I got through it and managed to pass with a first. There really isn’t that much politics which is what I wanted to study, it’s more a RS degree with elements of politics. The department is also so unorganised and for this coming year they are keeping our lectures online with only two hours of face to face contact a week!! ( this isn’t the same as other kcl departments)

Or I can take my SOAS offer for Politics and IR. I know id enjoy the degree more but I’ve already paid for one year of KCL. I just feel like I’m not learning much there - it doesn’t feel like a cohesive degree just a bunch of random modules.

I know KCL reputation is better but SOAS politics is a very well ranked course… then my other side says that everyone has a degree nowadays so I may as well stay at KCL and then specialise in a masters.

I would also have an opportunity to study abroad for half my first year but is that worth hating my first year, semester one modules, and perhaps what I learn in third year? Is the KCL rep still good despite the course?

Any help would be appreciated as I need to decide now!!

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