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Should I Quit Audit Apprenticeship for Corp Banking Apprenticeship?

Hi guys, I have received an offer from a big bank (think HSBC/Barclays/Natwest) to become a degree apprenticeship in their corporate/commercial banking team.

I am currently with a top 10 accounting firm in audit as a school leaver however, so was wondering if it would be worth it to quit to pursue the banking apprenticeship? I am currently doing AAT which will lead onto a he ACA qualification, 4.5 years total until qualified. I have been here for about 9 months. The banking apprenticeship will get me a Bsc degree and starts in september.

I don’t particularly love or hate audit, however I do want to move out of it as soon as i qualify ACA to do something more interesting.

So, should i accept the banking offer?

Thanks in advance
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What did you decide on?

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