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Congratulations to Scotney !!

:girl: :pirateprincess::girl:

has joined the Elite just below the summit of Success Mountain. :yay:

Please join me in congratulating her on achieving 11 Gems !!

She has reached the coveted level in less than 7 years !!
:groovy::woo::groovy: :rave:

Scotney is a latter day Artemisia Gentileschi :h:

She studied History at a Top Yoony :adore:

:rave: :yay::girl:
Nowadays she is a proud Mum of Students

and is an active member of the Cambridge Parents Association :yep:

:woo: Scotney adores cats ! :nyan: :h:
and also TV shows like Love Island & MAFSUK
& has a passion for Jean Plaidy novels :fight:


She is probably a Pisces

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Yasssssss Scotneyyyyyyy :yay: :congrats: :woohoo:
Congratulations Scotney! :biggrin: :woo: :yay:
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Nicely done there @Scotney
Congratulations scotney :smile:
*Thumbs up*
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Congratulations Scotney!

Congratulations scotney :congrats:
Well done!


Congratulations. 🙂
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What is all these about?
Original post by EllaFB245
What is all these about?

In these threads we celebrate people who earned 11 or 12 gems
Congratulations @Scotney!!

[scrollr] :party:[/scrollr]
@Scotney - well done! You've always been such a stalwart of the Oxford threads, and you have such warmth combined with practicality and non-nonsense advice. Can we clone you? :smile:
Wooo congrats :jive:

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