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My tier list of colleges that accept undergraduates of the University of Cambridge

SSS+: Trinity College
SSS: King’s College, St John’s College
SS+: Christ’s College, Emmanuel College, Gonville & Caius College
SS: Churchill College, Jesus College, Pembroke College
S+ Upper: Clare College, Corpus Christi College, Downing College, Magdalene College, Peterhouse, Queen’s College, Selwyn College, Sidney Sussex College, St Catharine’s College, Trinity Hall
S+ Lower: Fitzwilliam College, Homerton College, Robinson College
S: Girton College, Lucy Cavendish College, Murray Edwards College, Newnham College
S-: Hughes Hall, St Edmund’s College, Wolfson College

1. The reason why all colleges are above S- is all colleges in the University of Cambridge are prestigious.
2. This ranking is largely based on academic performance, but history, buildings, number of Nobel Prize winners, view of Cambridge students and other factors are also taken into consideration. The ranking only represents my opinion on Cambridge Colleges. Please do not be angry if you don’t like my tier list.
3. SSS+: Because it is Trinity, the wealthiest and the prestigious college. Trinity has many famous alumni including Sir Issac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell. Members of Trinity have been awarded 34 Nobel Prizes out of the 121 received by members of Cambridge University, which is the highest of any college at either Oxford or Cambridge.
4. SSS: Trinity College, King’s College and St John’s College are the only three royal Colleges in Cambridge. The chapel hall in King’s College is extremely magnificent. King’s College is beside river. St John’s College owns the second largest land among all Cambridge Colleges, only behind Trinity. Both of King’s and St John’s are wealthy.
5. SS+: Christ’s College and Emmanuel College’s academic performance is amazing, especially Christ’s College, ranked the first place in Tompkins table in 2018-2022. Charles Darwin was an alumnus of Christ’s. Gonville & Caius College is wealthy and traditional. 14 Nobel Prize winners are from Gonville & Caius College. Stephen Hawking held a fellowship in Gonville & Caius.
6. SS: Founded after the name of Sir Winston Churchill, Churchill College is considered as “British MIT”. 16 Nobel Prize winners are from Churchill College. Jesus College has a famous “horse” and a very large sports ground besides river. The oldest building in Cambridge locates in Jesus College. Pembroke college has a great academic reputation and ranked top in Tompkins Table.
7. S+ Upper: These Colleges are considered as nice colleges.
Clare College: The Old Court is considered as one of the most beautiful courts in United Kingdom. Clare is also known as the most musical college in Cambridge. Clare College is beside the river.
Corpus Christi College: The New Court is beautiful and the Corpus Clock is very famous.
Downing College: Downing is known as “the law college”. The dormitory for freshman can be compared with star hotel.
Magdalene College: Magdalene College is beside river. Small but cute.
Peterhouse: The oldest college in Cambridge.
Queens’ College: The Mathematical Bridge is located in Queens’ College.
Selwyn College: Nice ranking in Tompkins Table with beautiful buildings.
Sidney Sussex College: Sidney Sussex College ranks fourth highest among Cambridge Colleges in Nobel Prizes won by alumni.
St Catharine’s College: One of the best colleges for studying natural science. Nice ranking in Tompkins Table.
Trinity Hall: Stephen Hawking earned his PhD degree in Trinity Hall. Trinity Hall is beside river and the library of Trinity Hall is nice.
8. S+ Lower: These Three college’s ranking in Tompkins table is not so decent. But the formal in Robinson is delicious and the accommodation in Homerton graded 10 out of 10 in The Daily Telegraph ranking.
9. S: These Colleges are either women’s college or used to be women’s college.
10. S-: Mature College
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Is this tier list with respect to undergrads or postgrads?
If undergrads, how does the number of Nobel laureats matter since most of them were not undergrad students at that college.
I suppose the type/quality of supervisors would be a better way to rank them in that case.
Well, I want to make this tier list a list that can reflect how prestigious a college is.
Here the "prestigious" measures more than academic results in Tompkins Table. A beautiful chapel, great alumni and fellows, a large sports ground or other enviable things can all be "prestigious factors".
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A great analysis !
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So you automatically put the Women's colleges near the bottom for no other reason than they are women's colleges??? They won't compete on the extensive alumni or wealth as Cambridge didn't award women degrees until 1949 although women were studying there well before.
Original post by NWGroupie
So you automatically put the Women's colleges near the bottom for no other reason than they are women's colleges??? They won't compete on the extensive alumni or wealth as Cambridge didn't award women degrees until 1949 although women were studying there well before.

I mean aside, from being entirely pointless as an excercise in the first place, as their given reasoning isn't even consistent (there are two other "royal colleges", a totally meaningless distinction anyway, than noted above- Queen's and Christ's) I suspect this list was either AI generated or just some teenage fantasy post.

But yes the grouping of women's colleges and mature colleges as the supposed "worst" of the bunch simply for the fact they cater to those students is telling in of itself.

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