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What food gets stuck between your teeth?

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Differently: when I am cleaning my teeth with dental floss, I find both remains of meats and sweet in the gaps.
Apple skins, spinach, seeds (including tomato seeds), bits of stalks on sultanas…
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Yes that's my number 1, it swells up and gets worse and worse and wor... :mad:
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This is a bugbear of mine, but particularly

Popcorn - so much so that I've stopped eating it. I hate how those slivers of it get right between your teeth, and you can't get them out.
Increasingly meat - particularly pork, like a pork chop.
Certain seeds in fruits - particularly raspberries.
grape skin and not between but on the top, crisps
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Same here. Toffee gets between my teeth too.
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Parsley all the time, also chopped onion

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