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What are the best snacks for revision time?

Hey everyone! :wavey:

I’m a serious snacker during revision/ study periods and I seem to reach for the same things over and over again. I try (and fail :s-smilie:) to stick to healthier options like banana chips or popcorn, but I often manage to devour a whole bag of cheese savouries to myself when I’m really deep into studying. :colondollar:

I’m feeling a bit tired of the same old options, so all you fellow snackers - what are your favourite revision snacks? Bonus points if they’re not super expensive!

Do you try to focus on healthier options or do you tend to reward yourself with sweets and chocolates (like me :redface:)? Do you prefer something quick and easy or something more filling?

Looking forward to finding new tried-and-tested study fuel! :biggrin:
When I'm stressed while revising or doing my assignments, I like to eat raw carrots (baby carrots or carrot sticks, sometimes even bite the whole carrot)
It helps relaxing if you feel like you want to bite yourself also
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my go-to is dried fruit + nuts! cold milk helps me focus too. for more substantial snacks, i have protein bars, scrambled eggs, omelettes with leftover veggies, yoghurt... sometimes i even heat up canned soup because there's so much variety... and they're not too heavy :h:
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