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Let's Talk About Managing Stress!

Stress. A key element in the emotional toolbox of a student. For me, stress has always been inevitable, but ALWAYS manageable. Below, discover my main coping strategies for when it comes to dealing with stress in a university setting:
1. Commonality

Firstly, I think it’s important to highlight that stress is a very normal thing to experience, whether it’s over thinking about what to cook for dinner or your latest piece of coursework or exams. I’m confident that almost everyone has experienced some form of stress at some point within their lifetime, and it is nothing to be afraid of. You are not alone.
Medicine at Swansea University
Swansea University
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2. Breaking Things Down

Personally, a big stress management tool within my university life has been confiding in my Mum. There have been countless times that she has listened to me and helped me out with stress, always conveying one key message Break things down and take it one step at a time.” This is completely invaluable advice that has helped me through my university career so far. To help manage my stress, I make lists. I look at the task in front of me and break it down into its constituent parts and write them all out. I take them one at a time and revel in the satisfaction of crossing out items until the list is complete. It is my main coping strategy when approaching writing up lecture notes, coursework assignments and exams. It helps me to get my head around the task at hand and ensure that I get everything done before a deadline.
3. Support

It is important to remember that the university has services on offer to help you manage stress. These can be found through the wellbeing facilities on offer, accessing your personal tutor or taking part in events such as Study Aid during the exam periods here at Swansea. My personal tutor has always been so helpful for me with answering questions and helping me approach my studies in the right way. My lecturers have always been receptive to answering questions around any of the content that they have taught. The support network, friendliness, and sense of community at Swansea are a real asset to the university and ensure that the university experience is the best it can be for all. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and/or for help. That’s what the support network is there for.
4. Taking Regular Breaks and Spending Time with Friends

It is also important to never forget the value of spending time with your friends. It can be really easy to consume yourself with the task at hand and let everything else fall by the wayside, but it is so important to take regular breaks from studying or revision and give your brain a chance to recover. We’re exceptionally lucky in Swansea with the stunning beaches and scenery that we have. My friends and I will often go for long walks on the beach and go to the Mumbles to get ice cream at Verdi’s or visit the arcades. There are also the delights of visiting the Three Cliffs Bay and a lovely walk between Langland Bay and Caswell Bay that gives us a well needed break and some exercise. For me, something about the sea air is so calming and some of my fondest memories have been had laughing with my friends on the beach.

If you’re more of a city-based person, Swansea has a lot of great activities to offer for those well needed study breaks. From a night out or a meal on Wind Street to shopping in the Quadrant and the cinema and crazy golf, Swansea really does tick every box.
5. Exercise

Exercise, for me, has always been a big help in releasing stress. For those interested in sport there are a wide range of societies and sports teams on offer through the university at Sport Swansea as well as on campus gym facilities. There are also a range of gyms and leisure centres through Swansea city centre, with a relaxing spa being found in the LC2. Personally, I have usually used the university facilities because I have found them to be convenient (being on campus) and nice facilities. They’re great, for example, if you want to fit in a workout between a stint in the library or between lectures. I have always found exercise to be a valuable tool to clear my head and reset my focus, as well as being a valuable tool to keep healthy!
6. Snacks and Hydration

For me, I have snacks. I’m the sort of person who can’t concentrate if they’re hungry. I find it is much better for my concentration to have something healthy, such as fruit, although, as I am sure many people would agree, sometimes the only way through is to have some chocolate.

It is also paramount that you remain hydrated.

I hope these strategies have helped you like they help me, but if they haven’t, that’s okay. What works for one person won’t work for everyone but even if they help someone then it’s worth it. Just remember, stress is manageable. You can do it.
7. Support at Swansea University

Here at Swansea, we have many resources and facilities to help you throughout your studies! We offer a range of services to our students and ensure everyone is supported during their time at university. We have online resources, services and workshops, support sessions and specialist support that can help you through times of stress.

Hope Henry Swansea Student Ambassador; Second Year Graduate Entry Medicine.

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