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Predicting PPE Topics questions

Based on this topic list for Year 12 mocks, what do you think the highest mark (I think it's 10/12 marks) question topics will be on? :

Nervous system nerves and synapses, reflexes, voluntary control
Endocrine system glands, hormones and functions etc

Experimental method. Types of experiment, laboratory and field experiments; natural and quasi-experiments.
Self-report techniques. Questionnaires; interviews, structured and unstructured.
Correlations. Analysis of the relationship between co-variables.

Aims: stating aims, the difference between aims and hypotheses.
Hypotheses: directional and non-directional.
Sampling: the difference between population and sample; sampling techniques including: random, systematic, stratified, opportunity and volunteer; implications of sampling techniques, including bias and generalisation.
Pilot studies and the aims of piloting.
Experimental designs: repeated measures, independent groups, matched pairs.
Questionnaire construction, including use of open and closed questions; design of interviews.
Variables: manipulation and control of variables, including independent, dependent, extraneous, confounding; operationalisation of variables.
Control: random allocation and counterbalancing, randomisation and standardisation.
Demand characteristics and investigator effects.
Ethics, including the role of the British Psychological Society’s code of ethics; ethical issues in the design and conduct of psychological studies; dealing with ethical issues in research.

Quantitative and qualitative data; the distinction between qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques.
Primary and secondary data
Introduction to statistical testing; the sign test. When to use the sign test; calculation of the sign test.

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