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Should I do my back up plan?

I recently got rejected from all 5 options of universities that I picked. I'm not "academically gifted" and had to work hard through an alternative route which was access to higher education course.

Looking back now, some reasons I didn't do well at school is because I grew up being as carer and I had a lot of family problems.

The trouble is, now that I've been rejected from all 5 universities, I no longer have a plan, the plan I formatted was for when I was at university. My back up plan was to join the British army as an officer, however, I now no longer know if I should.

I spent the free days I have working and volunteering at my local army cadet force, and through volunteering there met a woman who is 37 and a mother of two teenage boys, I'm in a same sex relationship with a 14 year age gap.

The trouble is with our relationship being in the early stages, we want the same thing and feel the same way and want to get married, joining the army whilst in the early stages of our relationship feels like I'm asking for a big commitment.

I do feel like next year if I were to join the army and have a chat with her about it as it's would be after a year would be okay, but she's got the kids to consider. I just wouldn't know what to do for the remaining of this year until I join next year (would take six months) She is an ex veteran I thought I should add that, but any advice?

I'm just feeling lost about what I should and shouldn't do.
If you weren’t sure about joining the army have u considered clearing, foundation courses or apprenticeships
What are your odds of becoming an 'officer'?

I'm not saying don't apply you might suit what they are looking for, but my guess is that a lot of people apply to become officers in the British Army, due to good pay, pension, benefits, etc. Set against that the British Army is not currently fighting any wars. So not only those wanting to be Army Officers may be higher but what is their staff turnover like? I mean they surely can't have that much call for more Army Officers year after year. An occasional odd few may leave/retire but most I'm guessing with good pay and benefits will stay the course quite a number of years.

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