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Family annoyed I am not going on holiday with them

Going back around 8 months me and my girlfriend were discussing different things about our relationship and as we had only just moved into our first house together we both decided that we would not go away on holiday this year as money would be tight and so we would try and save any money we can and look to go on a big holiday at the back end of 2024 to somewhere like Mexico or Jamaica, somewhere we have never been before. And as such we have looked and already paid the deposit for a two week holiday at the back end of next year, with the deposit only due in May 2024 so we are now saving to pay that.

However, a few weeks ago it was brought up that some of my other family members were planning on going to Florida next Summer and they wanted it to be a big family holiday, in total there would be 9 of us. A few weeks ago my parents invited everyone around to discuss where to stay and when to go etc at which point I told them me and my girlfriend wouldn't be able to go as we couldn't afford it. When asked why we were just honest and said we had already booked a holiday for the back end of next year and as we are saving for that we wouldn't be able to save for Florida too.

My parents then said that they were planning on paying for the accommodation for everyone but even so with park tickets, spending money etc we still just cannot save for Florida and the holiday we have already booked.

This has resulted in my entire family being annoyed with me for not wanting to go on holiday with them even though I have explained why we are not going. What should I do as when I have tried talking to them in the last few weeks they are giving a very strong vibe that they don't want to talk to me.
I think your family are being very unfair on you. It is not that you don't want to go with them, but that you cannot afford to go. In the current financial situation this isn't a surprise. It is nice that you have booked a special holiday with your girlfriend. Your family should respect this too. You are being sensible in only commiting to what you can afford, so don't feel pressured into trying to afford more than you can.

Try meeting up with your parents for a coffee - it may be easier to explain to them on their own rather than with the rest of the family present.

Whatever happens, enjoy your holiday with your girlfriend.

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