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Midwife to Nurse

I have been a midwife in nhs for 20 years . I want to make the transition to be come a nurse . But I cannot find any route of how to do this . Someone says I have to do full time masters in nursing for two years but I’ve been qualified and band 6 not sure this is the route . Please help?
From what I can find you would have to go to uni for 2 years to convert and then you do know nurses are band 5? Is it really worth 2 years of study, student and personal debt for a pay cut?
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True but there will be so much job opportunities especially private
Do it if it will make you happy/career progression etc. That's fine. I'd be suprised in the money actually stacked up. A Masters course is going to cost you £5K per year (about £10K with a £5K paid back from the NHS), plus any living costs etc for 2 years. You may be able to do some locum/bank work but that depends how much time you need to study.

Top of band 6 is a salary of £42,618.

With no or little salary, costs of living for 2 years, direct costs I think you would be out of pocket £120,000ish. That's a LOT of private work
There's no quick conversion for midwifery to nursing compared to the shortened midwifery course (if anywhere still does that).

Money aside, if you already hold an undergrad degree then as others have said, a postgrad course for pre-reg nursing will be the quickest route for you to study adult nursing.

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