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Marketing and management / computer science bsc msc

I'm thinking about getting a undergraduate degree in marketing and management/business and then a masters in computer science.
I'm not sure if I should purse computer science and then marketing or marketing and then computer science.
I have also considered combining economics and marketing but I'm not too sure if that's even an option I can pursue due to location.

I know it might seem like an odd mix but there jobs which require marketers to have computer science knowledge or even a bsc and msc in both. There are some business related jobs which require a computer science degree but a business background.

My dream would be to gain experience in both sectors while starting a small business, I feel like both degrees would help in learning how to marketing ,brand and management the business, creating an app, website and whatever else tech has to offer.

I would love to be able to gain experience in both sectors but its practically impossible at the moment most jobs require a degree or experience that I don't have.

I've been doing online courses for both subjects , compared job roles , salaries , percentage of people who get a job in their related field.

I've compared masters and looked at requirements most universities will consider someone for a marketing masters without a business bsc and universities that's offer a computer science masters for people who have no prior knowledge or experience they aren't too far from where I would ideally like to live.
I realise work experience might be an issue if I decide to do a computer science masters but Kent offers a placement year and modules in AI which is a bonus.

I'm currently on an access course luckily enough most universities don't care which subject it is for a marketing degree so it would ideally only be a 4 year degree including a placement year, however, computer science degrees requires an access in computer science or physics /maths which none of my local colleges offer. Although alot of universities offer foundation year it would mean spending an extra year plus a placement year making it a 5 year degree .

I would really appreciate some advice.
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