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GCSE AQA RS 2023 Question

"Religious charities should just concentrate on emergency aid"
Evaluate this statement. 12 marks
so youd do a small introduction talking about why this is something that is debated (briefly introduce your points) and clearly state your line of argument. for the purpose of this answer, i will agree with the statement.

you want one paragraph that agrees with the statement. so for this question, you could talk about how christians were told by jesus to help those in need and use the Good Samaritan as your example. briefly explain what happens in this and link it back to your question. then evaluate it. since i'm agreeing with this statement, perhaps i'd say something like 'this is a strong argument because jesus is also God the Son so essentially his words are God's words and that we should always obey God's word' or something like that. ofc build on it just a bit more but hopefully you've got the idea

here are some further points you could make:

they should focus more on helping Christians in persecution rather than emergency aid

it is the countries job to look after people, as they cannot just become dependent on charities (to oppose this and pose it as a weak argument, you could say that we can't leave people to suffer and use a quote like love thy neighbour or ‘Those who have two coats, give one to the man who has none')

they can respond quickly with emergency aid and help those in need

unconditional or selfish love that Jesus discusses ‘agape’ love

when Christian charities focus on short-term aid rather than long-term solutions, they put a bandage on poverty rather than addressing the root problem. this approach conditions impoverished communities to receive help. instead, these communities need to develop skills to build sustainable incomes that will permanently free them from poverty.

then at the end, do a conclusion which states your points again and reemphasise your points

hope this helps!!

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