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Name change due to gender transition


So currently I'm transitioning from male to female and part of that is legally changing my name.

However, I'm sitting my RS GCSE in three weeks (our school is making us take RS and sit it in year 10, oddly) and I won't be able to get the deed poll done by then, so my qualification will be under my deadname.

Is there anyway to change the certificate once done? The exam board is AQA and it'd be really nice to not have 1 GCSE under one name and 11 in my actual name.

Any help would be appreciated!
Probably worth checking with the exam board. Or discussing with your school to just take it in year 11?
It really doesn't matter which name it's under as long as you can prove it's you.

My GCSE certificates are a) spelled incorrectly (there's an extra letter in my first name on the certificates that shouldn't be there) and b) not in my married name.

Makes no difference.

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