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LLM Queen Mary or ULaw

Hi everyone! I'm an italian graduate student in law who want to pursue a career in law. I have received 2 study offer to attend an LLM,one from the University of Law (corporate governance) and the other from Queen Mary University (commercial and corporate law). Would anyone, from their own experience, be able to tell me which would be a better choice in terms of job prospects and connections to the legal world (especially law firms and companies)?
I know it’s ages later

But I considered both (having done a llb at Qmul)

I did the llm at Qmul and then I am doing the corporate governance exams separately. My reason was I wanted a”proper” masters rather than another professional qualification.

And in fact bow i fi d I am exempt from 5 of the 8 exams anyway so only need to do 1 more and an a qualified company secretary!

Career wise the corporate governance llm would be handy for being a company secretary and less useful for trying to join a law firm.

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