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University choices for LLB in UK

I am dead confused about which university to choose.
I have predicted 2A* 1A 1B. And have applied to uni of Leeds and Manchester. Even if I get acceptance it's highly unlikely I will be able to go there, I am an international student and simply can't afford them.

The other three universities are ULaw, Man Met and Salford (kind of constricted to Manchester).

Pretty sure I will have acceptance in these three(already have of ULAW but again it looks like every one gets regardless)

I need guidance in which of three I should consider for LLB. University of law just seems like not an ideal option no university life, although I like the small class sizes but again haven't read much positive about it.

Which one is better in terms of law school among these three? Accommodation is no issue,will be living with someone. I am mainly concerned with the standard of teaching.

I have been told it is not with doing from these universities as an international student. I have considered doing foreign LLB from my home country (worst option) and later LLM from a prestigious university in UK.
I am also considering doing LLB from one of these three and later LLM from a prestigious one.
I am so confused about all this ordeal. I look at my grades and then my opinions and yes left more confused.
Do not waste your money on the third tier unis you mentioned.

There must be a way of you affording the tuition fees or you would not have applied?

No body cares about masters mate.

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