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Edexcel GCSE 2023 Early Elizabethan England predicted questions

1 )Explain why Drakes circumnavigation of the globe was significant (12)
You can talk about how it: encouraged exploration, Worsened Anglo-Spanish relations and started the British Empire
2) Explain the reasons for Raleigh's colonisation of Virginia (12)
You can talk about how it: Undermined Spain, Led to economic benefits, and the beginning of the British Empire.
3) Explain why Raleigh's colonisation of Virginia failed (12)
You can talk about: The voyage, inexperience of the colonists and Native American resistance.
4) Explain why Mary QOS posed a threat to Elizabeth's rule (12)
You can talk about: Legitimacy to the throne, The 3 Plots and Foreign support.
5) Explain why the plots were significant to Elizabeth's reign (12)
You can talk about: Foreign support, The Papal Bull and the Treatment of Catholics.
6) Explain why the activities or Drake could be seen as significant to Anglo-Spanish relations (12)
You can talk about: The raid on Cadiz, Attacks on the New World and Support of Drake by Elizabeth.
7) Explain why Elizabeth's involvement in the Netherlands can be seen as significant for Anglo-Spanish relations. (12)
You can talk about: Political factors such as Treaty of Nonsuch, 7400 English troops she sent to support the Dutch rebels against the Spanish and her representative the Earl of Leicester., Economic factors such as the Duke of Alba waiting for money to pay his army, The Sea Beggars that Elizabeth sent to attack Spanish ships carrying the Genoese loans that were meant to fund Philips troops.
8) Explain why the role of the church was important in Elizabethan England (12)
You can talk about: Church Courts, Enforcing the Religious Settlement and Supporting communities.
9) Explain why the Northern Earls revolted against Elizabeth in 1569 (12)
You can talk about: Northern Earls wanting to restore Catholicism, Lost status of the Northern Earls after being replaced by the Protestant Lords the Forsters and Elizabeth wouldn't name a heir so Catholic lords were worried of a civil war after she dies. Northen Earls wanted Mary QOS to marry the Duke of Norfolk to restore Catholicism and their status.
10) Explain why education was important in Elizabethan England (12)
You can talk about: Humanists, Practical reasons like preparing for jobs and young men in nobility studying to prepare them a place in the ruling class, sons of merchants/craftsmen may go to grammar school for practical academic subjects like English, writing and arithmetic. Protestants believing everyone should be able to read the Bible in their own language.
11)Explain why there were differences in sports and leisure enjoyed by Elizabethans (12)

I'd focus on the first 7 but its better to be prepared for all of them.

'The main reason for the increase Anglo-Spanish rivalry was political'. How far do you agree? (16)
Agreeing points: Treaty of Joinville, Treaty of Nonsuch, Earl of Leicester.
Disagreeing points: Religious factors- Philip against religious settlement, Spain is catholic but England is protestant, Papal Bull, Spanish supporting the plots.
Commercial factors- England and Spain rivals in the New World, Drake was seen as a pirate who robbed £400000 spanish treasure, and Drake was knighted.
'The Religious Settlement was a success' How far do you agree? (16)
Agreeing points:
-The Clergy taking the oath of Supremacy, 8000 priests out of 10,000 did showing it was a success. However out of the Bishops only 1/27 did. This made her vulnerable to the demands of the new Protestant bishops such in the Crucifix Controversy where they demanded crucifixes were removed from the churches.
-The people attending the new church services that were intentionally vague for people to interpret it in their own way. This was significant as it mean the religious division that occurred under Mary I reign had stopped. Recusants were fined rather than burnt at the stake like Mary I did.
Disagreeing: The nobility- Much more opposition in the North of England particularly felt by the Northern Lords. The appointment of James Pilkington as archbishop of Durham in 1561 angered the Northern Earls because he was a protestant and wanted Catholicism to die out. The Northern Lords openly rebelled against the religious settlement using force to try reverse it.
'The Revolt of the Northern Earls posed significant threat'. How far do you agree? (16)
Agreeing points:
Open rebellion- it was the first rebellion challenging Elizabeth and began a trend leading to plots to overthrow her.
Northen Earls destroyed all evidence of Protestantism in the Durham cathedral and castle.
Foreign Support- Spanish ambassador agreed with the rebels that if they overthrew Elizabeth Spain will support them.This shows the support they received from Spain who were willing to depose the queen.
Papal Bull- After revolt of Northern Earls was put down it led to Elizabeth's excommunication. This was issued in the Papal Bull instructing the Catholics to overthrow Elizabeth. This meant that Elizabeth couldn't trust the Catholics again and had to pass an Act of Parliament in 1571 to include wider definitions of treason.
Disagreeing points: Revolt of the Northern Earls wasnt significance bc it only lasted for a short time 9 nov-9 dec.
-Elizabeth was able to raise an army of 14000 to put down the rebel forces.
-Her revenge against rebels got 450 being executed and the Earl of Northumberland beheaded.
The Council of the North was created which had special powers to deal with anymore rebellions against Elizabeth.
England's financial weakness was the most important threat Elizabeth faced on ascending to the throne' How far do you agree? (16)
Agreeing point: When Elizabeth inherited the throne it was in debt. Henry VIII spent a lot on wars so the crown was £300,000 in debt. Total income for crown at the time was £286,687. Money was still needed to protect the country and the main of income was taxation.
Disagreeing- Legitimacy, Religion, Foreign threats and Gender.
'The greatest challenge to the Religious Settlement was the Papacy' How for do you agree? (16)
Agreeing point: Led to her excommunication bc of the Papal Bull. Instructed Catholics to overthrow Elizabeth. Philip told Duke of Alba to prepare 10000 men to support Ridolfi Plot.
Disagreeing: The Northern Catholic Lords, James Pilkington and open rebellion
-The Puritans- wanted extreme Protestantism, wanted vestments in church to be simple otherwise it would be seen as Catholicism. Elizabeth insisted and got The Archbishop of Canterbury to hold an exhibition of the robes. 37/110 refused to attend and lost their posts. This showed that Elizabeth did not have to follow everything the Puritan Bishops wanted.

SORRY THIS IS SO MUCH INFO but it includes the key points you need for the questions.
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