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So I was doing some revision and found a question on the 2021 paper (AQA) that said ' evaluate how technological change can lead to industries coming closer to perfect competition'.
I have no clue how to answer this question and was just wondering if anyone could help me out.
Lowering barriers to entry: Technological innovations can reduce the initial capital requirements and operational costs for new entrants, making it easier for small businesses and startups to enter the market. For example, cloud computing has significantly reduced the costs associated with setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure, enabling more companies to compete in various sectors.

Increased market transparency: Advances in information technology and communication have improved market transparency by providing easy access to information about prices, products, and market conditions. Consumers can now compare prices and quality across different sellers, making markets more competitive. Additionally, online platforms and review systems allow consumers to share experiences and make informed choices, putting pressure on businesses to offer better products and services.

Enhanced efficiency and productivity: Technological advancements can lead to substantial improvements in production processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Automation, robotics, and digitalization have transformed various industries, enabling companies to produce goods and services at lower prices and higher volumes. Improved productivity allows firms to compete on a larger scale, which can drive down prices and increase competition.

Expanded market reach: The internet and digital technologies have expanded the geographical reach of markets, allowing businesses to operate on a global scale more easily. This increased accessibility to consumers and suppliers opens up opportunities for new entrants and intensifies competition. Companies are compelled to differentiate themselves and offer competitive pricing to attract customers from broader markets.

Disruption of traditional business models: Technological disruptions often challenge established business models, introducing new competitors and market dynamics. Industries that were once dominated by a few large companies can be disrupted by innovative startups leveraging technology. These disruptions introduce new competitive forces and can break down monopolistic or oligopolistic structures, moving industries closer to perfect competition.

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