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Should i change from a all girl school to coed school in mid year 10?

Should I change from an all girl school to co ed school? I’m currently in year 10 and would be moving next term (term 3 mid year 10), i feel i don’t really belong at my school, i get along with lots of people but i don’t really have a friendship group and no best best friend, i play a lot of sports for school like AFL, cross country, Touch football and i'm always the loner with no friends in those teams and i thought maybe it could be different at this new school. I feel I'm missing out on the normal high school experience (crushes, guyfriends etc), which i really want. I really want to change schools but I’m a bit introverted and because I've been at an all girl school so long I lack the skills to talk to boys and am scared i might not fit in at a new school because everyone will already know eachother well. I think going to a coed school will help my social skills like with boys but i don't know what if it doesn't work and i'm even more alone. I do a lot of 'boyish things like cadets, i play afl (Australian football league) and i ride a dirtbike which could help me get friends but im introverted and what if i don't fit in there as well? This new school offers lots of sports just not as much and a all year round running club which looks good to join and it's much closer to home, i live very far away from my current all girl school. My academic marks might drop as well because different school different systems but I think I'll mange with that it's mainly just the friends and people I'm worried about. Usally i would change at the start of the year, but i'll be in year 11 where it gets really serious in austrlia for atar points and all that and if i move mid year 10 at least i'll hopefully be used to the new school system and know my way around and know poeple, which could all be distracting in year 11 where academics really matter. What should i do? Any advice?
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I'm not sure how the school system works in Australia but maybe you could speak to a guidance/school counsellor and see how moving schools would work and what the process would look like if you tried to leave now.

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