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Studying at uni and applying to NATS as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC)

Looking for some advice and info regarding the NATS ATC application.

A bit of info about me:
I’m a 25 year old uni student currently starting year 2 in September ‘23. I’m studying Aerospace Engineering MEng (Hons) it’s an integrated masters course in the UK, meaning I would be 28 when graduating from my course. After doing some research about air traffic controllers, I came across Eurocontrol they state that you must be a maximum of 27 years old before starting phase 1 of training. NATS do not have an age limit (not one that I could find apart from being 18+ on applying).

Would I be able to apply as an air traffic controller and complete all the stages while studying full time at university and continuing with my degree? (Either with NATS or Eurocontrol)

- NATS have stated that they are actively recruiting ATC’s again and that all tests and phases will be held virtually.
- I do not have family in the UK willing to support me financially or provide accommodation so I’m hoping I can just go straight from uni to working full time.

Last paragraph I swear:
I would also like to say that I have passed the ATC requirements during RAF Officer Selection, however due to covid I decided to go to university instead of waiting. I would happily drop university to become an air traffic controller as this was my goal from the start.
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I'm in interested in this too, does anyone have any advice on this?

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