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Driving test

pleas give advise regarding
these faults and want to improve

Your dangerous faults
Use of mirrors Change direction
Your serious faults
Control Steering
Response to signs / signals Traffic signs
Response to signs / signals Traffic lights
Your driving faults
Progress Appropriate speed, 3
Move off Safety, 1
Control Steering, 1
Progress Undue hesitation, 1
Response to signs / signals Road markings, 1
Response to signs / signals Traffic signs, 1
Reverse park (car park) Control, 1
Use of mirrors - Change direction

By not using them properly is common mistake can lead to a failed test. Mirrors should be used: Before any major manoeuvre e.g. changing direction, signalling, moving off from a stationary position. Before a change of speed.

Control - steering

Poor control of your steering. Not steering enough or steering too late when turning. Poor steering when driving around a bend.

Response to signs/ signals - Traffic signs/ lights

Lights - You must act correctly at traffic lights, checking that the road is clear before you proceed when the green light shows.

Signs - Follow the road ahead unless directed otherwise by road markings or traffic signs. You will also be required to obey traffic signals and those given by traffic controllers.

Progress - Appropriate Speed 3

Makes no attempt to achieve maximum speed for the road when safe to do so. Reduces speed excessively when conditions do not merit doing so. Makes slow progress through the gears in normal driving.

Move off Safety 1

Complete your six-point check (including mirrors and blindspots), use your indicators and pull out slowly.

Control Steering, 1

You must: be able to steer the car smoothly as possible. You must steer at the appropriate time, as steering too early or late can cause the car to hit the kerb or swing out towards another road user.

Progress Undue hesitation, 1

Failure to react promptly in response to a road situation. It could manifest in various scenarios, such as hesitating at junctions, roundabouts, or pedestrian crossing when it's safe to proceed, or driving at a significantly reduced speed without a valid reasons.

Response to signs / signals Road markings, 1

Must be aware of the road markings and to follow them closely.

Response to signs / signals Traffic signs, 1

Obey all mandatory signs and act appropriately, also make sure all warning signs, prohibiting signs and priority signs aren't ignored.

Reverse park (car park) Control

Poor clutch control, stalling the engine, excessive acceleration, poor steering, getting too close to other vehicles or hitting the kerb, or not being able to finish at appropriate angle.
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