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gcse to a-level chem, biology and maths


I'm in year 11, and I currently have my exmas in a week. I want to ask to those who are in A-level studying any of those subjcets of chem bio or maths as those are the subjects that i want to study next year. Do you have last minute tips as I have been preparing for 3 months focus revesion everyday to all of my subjects and it would be my dream to get most of them 8s and 9s as I also have bought primorse kiteen predicted papers for extra practise and watched most of mrs salles vedois, did alot of exam question practise and im looking of the worst case scenario of atleast gettoing the grades needed for chem bio and maths.
any advice would be helpful.
(edited 9 months ago)
If you've been revising for 3 months, I'm really positive that you're going to get strong grades. As a year 13, the best thing to do once you've learnt the content is to just practise. Access all the past papers to practise with for free on the exam boards website and just test yourself in timed conditions. You will find out what often comes up and how exam boards want it to be answered if you mark yourself with the mark scheme. Good luck in your exams, you can do anything you set your mind to. I'm sure you will do brilliantly.

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