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Can I apply to University of Toronto without IGCSE English?

So I'm in year 11 and taking every subject IGCSE instead of English. I moved to New Zealand with my family this year and I have to enroll in a new school, and because I didn't learn what other students have learned in year 10, the school placed me into NCEA (a domestic thing in New Zealand) English instead of IGCSE English. However, on UofT website they stated that 5 different IGCSE subjects are required, IGCSE and A Level English are required, and IGCSE results are required along with AS/A2 level when applying, meaning:
1. I need to have English in my IGCSE results
2. I need to have 5 IGCSE subjects, which I only have 4 (we do 5 subjects in year 11, so I only have 4 in IG because my English is in NCEA)
3. Retaking IGCSE English next year isn't an option for me as I need to do A level English

So do I have any chance to be accepted by UofT in year 12/13?
I'm an international student, not a Canadian citizen nor permenant resident

By the way English isn't my first langauge so do I have the option to submit English ability qualifications so I don't need to submit high school English results?

Thank you guys

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