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PGDE Maths (Scotland; Dundee)

Good Morning, Does anyone know if Dundee University (or any other in Scotland) will consider an application for PGDE Maths in May/June 2023? I notice Dundee has an application deadline on their own website for the 30th June 2023 but UCAS deadline was on January ‘23 so I am a little confused on what the correct deadline is for the application. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best Wishes xx
Hey Hey, I am also in the exact same situation as you.

I want to know if Edinburgh and Napier would accept applications this late. I'll be phoning edinburgh and napier on Monday to speak to the director of the programmes to ask.
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Hey.. Did you receive an answer from Edinburgh Universities? I am awaiting a call back from someone tomorrow from Dundee.
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Hi, i applied to napier after speaking to admissions and put my application in beginning of June and have just been invited for an interview. So very worthwhile to apply but suggest you speak to admissions who will advise. Good luck!!

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