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GCSE results - medicine

Hi, hoping to receive some advice !!

At GCSE I have achieved;

9 business
8 biology (one mark off a 9 so remarking)
8 chemistry
8 physics
8 geography
8 religious studies
7 eng lang (7 marks off 8 so not sure if worth remark)
7 eng lit
7 food
7 french
6 maths (one mark off 7 so remarking)

With these results, is it worth still considering applying to top scottish medical schools eg. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dundee, Edingburgh, St Andrews (obvs a-levels are even more important!)

Am I at a disadvantage because I live in England not Scotland?

Thank you!!
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Have you looked at the entry requirements for Med at these Unis - which GCSEs are essential?

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