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Higher physics or Nat 5??

Hi, I’m going into S6 and I was planning on taking physics but I’m not sure what level I should do.

Personally It would make more sense for me to take Nat 5 since I’ve never done physics. But some have told me, I should take it as a higher 😭

Might be a stupid question but is crashing higher physics really that bad??
(What is physics also mainly about? Like is it about remembering things? Calculations?)

Higher physics is mainly calculations with a little knowledge, mainly statements to memorise. Your ability to crash it as a higher would really be dependant on your maths skills. Do you have experience with other sciences? If you've done Higher Maths and Higher Chemistry and done okay then you would probably be fine with Higher Physics, especially if you are going into S6 and have more free study time.

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