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what aqa power and conflict poems to compare

what is the best poem to compare with each poem
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So i would recommend ordering the poems by their themes and considering it that way

Power of nature:
Ozymandias, Exposure, Storm on the Island, Kamikaze, The Prelude, Bayonet Chagre, London

Power of memory:
The emigree, my last duchess, The Prelude [stealing the boat], Remains, War Photographer

Inner conflict:
Bayonet charge, The Prelude, Checking out me history, Kamikaze, Tissue, War Photographer, Remains, Poppies

External conflict:
Charge of the Light Brigade, My last Duchess, War Photogapher, Remains, Storm on the island

One thing you'll notice is that most of the poems interlink anyway. For section B of Lit paper 2, it's all about identifying those key themes that underline the poem and exploring those.

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