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What other poem could i use to compare with tissue?
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What other poem could i use to compare with tissue?
Ozymandias - the theme of power and its inevitable decay over time. Like "Tissue," it shows the transience of human achievements and the hubris (self-confidence) of those who seek to hold power over others.

The Charge of the Light Brigade - the poem talks abt a historical military conflict, highlighting the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers in the face of power structures and authority figures. It contrasts the courage of the soldiers with the foolishness of those who command/rule over them, reflecting on the consequences of conflict.

Remains - it talks abt the aftermath of war and the psychological impact it has on soldiers. Like "Tissue" it mentions themes of fragility and resilience, as well as the lasting effects of conflict on individuals and societies.

My Last Duchess - the monologue dives deeper into the theme of power within personal relationships, particularly the control exerted by the Duke over his late wife. Like "Tissue," it examines the ways in which power can be held and abused, with consequences for those subjected to it.

Here's a useful resource which contains what aspects/themes of each poem you can compare:

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