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How should I space my revision plan for my A-Levels?

So I just finished half of my A-Levels thank god. Now I have around 12 days until my next exam on the 5th, then 2 more on the 9th and my last one on the 14th. Is it a dumb idea to focus on revising Econ, History and Socio P2 in all 12 days and focus on Socio P3 between the 9th and when I have my exam? TBH I don't have much problem revising the topics of P3 and believe those days are enough to revise the whole content meanwhile for the other subjects I still want to focus more of my time on them. Is this a good idea if I am fairly confident about Sociology or should I also incorporate revising P3 within these next few days?
Sorry you've not had any responses about this. :frown: Are you sure you've posted in the right place? :smile: Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there. :redface:

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