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BTEC biomedical year 1

Hi, I'm currently attending college in the UK (year 12-13) and I'm studying a BTEC biomedical/forensics course. Way back in November I submitted my first assignment of which I got a distinction without the need of resubmitting. This continued for my entire unit. My teachers had marked my assignments and had them externally marked by another teacher, both of which agreed that my assignment was worthy of a distinction grade. However, after recent news that Pearson had reviewed my assignments, they informed me and the rest of my class (rest of the class meaning anyone in my class who got a distinction grade) that our assignments were missing a piece of information (unknown to both our teachers and us). I don't believe that Pearson has been fair in dealing with this because they're refused to allow any of the students to redo/resub the assignment despite the fact that there are people who were told that they had achieved a distinction without the need of a resub and nothing was wrong with their assignments. What me and a my entire class find to be weird and unfair about this is that none of us included this piece of information and anyone who got a distinction was dropped down to a merit. We looked over the assignment brief delivered to us by our teachers and it says nothing about it and checklists provided to us for the assignment said nothing about this. I believe that this is completely unfair but aside from appealing the grades given to us I have no idea what to do. I may have to end up retaking my first year setting me back. Can anyone provide information on how to deal with this, it will be greatly appreciated.

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