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Epq on games design with little experience

I take history maths and physics at Alevel and have recently taken on an epq. I at first wanted to start a businesss for my epq but thought that this might be a bit too tricky. I have done barely any game design before (tiny bit of unity) but i have always been relativly interested in games design and generally computer science and am considering taking it at uni. I was wondering if it is silly of me to attempt to make an epq on making a game/learning how to make a game seeing as i have basically no backround in it and dont know any coding languages. I would most likely learn a coding language over the summer as I have learnt a little before but this would take a few months and im not sure i would have time to do the epq unless i made the epq something like " How accsessable is coding and games design to someone unexperienced?, any ideas?
It's a great idea! Unique, and has links to subjects/prospect subjects. I'd go with it.

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